Capitalize on the direct and INDIRECT productivity every day!  Ask us about indirect productivity, a possible example of one hygienist’s chair:

Direct Revenue$2,200
Indirect Revenue$1,500
Total Possible Contributing Revenue$3,700*
*possible average per day for one hygienist; Alberta based

Possible Monthly Contributing Revenue per Hygienist


Possible Yearly Contributing Revenue per Hygienist



Maximize uncovering dentistry with the use of science-based data, technology, clinical skills and a team approach.


  • Patient of record (POR)
  • Past history of 3 month SRP, no outstanding treatment.
  • Vague symptoms on maxillary anterior teeth, however, inconclusive with 2D imaging and clinical testing.
Maximize the use of technology to uncover treatment plans.

Clinical Findings

  • Periodontally healthy patient
  • Periapical and panorex show no significant findings.
  • No pathology clinically.
  • Decide to take a 3D image to examine area that patient has had vague symptoms.

Imaging concluded two large apical lesions on #11, 21 that required immediate treatment. Vague symptoms had existed for several years without definitive diagnosis due to the limitations of 2D. Without identifying apical lesions, patient would have likely lost multiple teeth.

From maintenance to comprehensive complicated treatment with quality care.

Next Step

  • Consultation between hygienist, general dentist, periodontist and endodontist.
  • Treatment required immediately – two root canals and observe; future extractions, bone grafting, implants, prosthesis.

New Standard of Care

Interdisciplinary dentistry with the foundation being periodontics, striving for ideal treatment plans, office wide treatment coordinators, replacing the hygiene department with a periodontal & implant department and utilizing technology to uphold the science of dentistry.

Interdisciplinary dentistry with the core being periodontics

examples are based on Alberta fee guides

Science-based practice builder – The Working Model

Just imagine what needs to be uncovered in your practice!


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