Consulting Services

Consulting Services

  • Creating science-based sustainable practice builders
  • Practice evaluation and analysis
  • Implementation of The Working Model systems and processes
  • Hands-on skill development for dentists and hygienists
  • Establishing metrics


Dr. Ben Thomas | DDS, MPH, Dip. Perio, FRCD(C)

Working with Nancy has been eye-opening for me as a Periodontist. I have been impressed with her understanding of critical concepts that many dentists do not even understand. Along the same lines, she is always asking questions and wanting to understand things at a deeper level. She truly has a passion for Perio! Having said all that, however, the biggest element she has brought to my practice is organization and initiative. After asking all the necessary questions, she has been able to incorporate my personal clinical guidelines into a coherent vision and then help implement protocols to make sure things get done the way I believe they should be done. She has helped make my ideals a reality in our clinic. Nancy is THE MOST capable clinical hygienist I have ever known; I have never seen such good results following non-surgical periodontal therapy.

Dr. Jaswinder Brar | DDS, M.Dent (Perio), FRCD (C)

I have consistently been impressed by Nancy!  She is hard working and intelligent and possesses clinical knowledge par excellence.  Her clinical skills are one of her greatest strengths and she produces excellent results.

 She has a thorough understanding of the work of a dental hygienist and is highly competent in documentation.  Nancy is also a very good educator for both patients and colleagues and is a valuable member to the team.               

Dr. Richard Kolen | DMD

Over the past few months I have hired Nancy Adair’s company, Hygiene Excellence Inc., and “The Working Model” approach for a new practice launch. For my new office, I had a dream to be something different, to have a place that stood out physically and the way I practice.  Nancy has helped me launch this program, she has brought in very talented hygienists who base their decisions on science and follow science-based protocols.  She has demonstrated how the team can communicate, especially how a hygienist can update the dentist and furthermore how hygienists can act as a treatment coordinator.  She actually delivers  “The Working Model”.

Nancy’s real-life experience and her effective way to communicate to both the owner and team are invaluable.  She has an analytical mind for dentistry and provides key concepts and observations of ‘how your own clinic is running’.  It is difficult to be an owner, operator, and manager, having “outside eyes” looking in at your day-to-day operations, to give feedback not skewed for fear of loss of employment.  Nancy comes with an arsenal of tools and is prepared every day for suggestions and guidance for a new office setup … I imagine the same tools can be applied to groom and tweak the existing office.  I strongly believe in her “Working Model” and is a tool any company would be proud to use. 

Dr. Todd Donnelly | BSc, DMD

I must say, as a dentist, my own level of diagnosis and treatment planning has risen, as I work with such a highly trained and purposeful group of dental hygienists that update me more knowledgeably and confidently in their objective findings.  I believe this is due to the consistency of each hygienist’s post-graduate training from Hygiene Excellence.

Sarah Drysdale | RDH

Nancy Adair is one of the most inspiring people I have been lucky enough to work with! Her depth of knowledge and clinical skills combined with her passion for this field is unmatched. She is single-handedly raising the bar of the dental field. Her ability to integrate all aspects of the dental field allows you to see the whole picture when diagnosing and treatment planning.

She has the capacity to see the potential in everyone and skillfully draws that out to progress an office towards heights previously unimaginable. Her encouraging method of coaching allows you to develop as a professional and reignite a lost passion for the field. Her hands on skills development courses have been invaluable. I have been forever changed and cannot thank her enough. To say she is a mentor is an understatement.

Cecili Farias | RDH, RDA

The Periodontal Therapist Module, PTM™, that Nancy has put together was a key driver to define my career aspirations. I have been looking for growing and improving as a dental hygienist and this program provided me with valuable and practical skills that enhanced my overall performance.

WOW my days in clinic are SO different. I have more time!  I can do my data collection. Your clinician position made a huge difference. Love your sequence and the alternative pattern for debridement. She is the woman who inspired me.

Nancy is a very experienced educator that has the ability to mentor with passion and truly understands the real-life demand of our profession.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to make a difference.  Thank you, Nancy!

Carlee Kish | RDH

Where do I even begin to explain how Nancy has helped shape my dental hygiene career. I met Nancy this year when I attended one of her lectures discussing how a dental hygienist plays a huge role in a dental office. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time beaming and feeling so empowered that she was speaking up for our profession as I am a new graduate RDH myself.

I have been lucky enough to work at a dental office that has brought her in with open arms and attended multiple skill development sessions she offers. She has helped me become the periodontal hygienist I am today. Nancy has opened my eyes to the periodontal world and has the most positive outlook and passion for how valuable a dental hygienist’s role truly is in the dental practice. I cannot thank her enough for expanding the way that I work with treatment planning and practicing.

Dr. Alan Chang | DDS & Ms. Carol Fu | Office Manager/Owner

Being both a business owner and a dentist has always been a challenge for me and has been so throughout my career. Meeting and having Nancy as my dental strategist for my dental practice has opened my eyes in so many ways, I never thought possible. It has been an extremely productive journey for myself as well as for my dental team. 

I have always been searching for the next level of excellence and Nancy was able to show us exactly how to achieve it and more importantly sustain it. Nancy has such insight and expertise in the field of dentistry and business that we are amazed at how much we are able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Nancy is extremely focused and has the ability to deliver. We are blessed and grateful to have her and highly recommend her to everyone we know.


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