1. Relevent Content

Nancy has lived dentistry for over 30 years. ‘The Working Model’ discussed in presentations/workshops works in dentistry today! She will customize events to meet your specific needs

2. Immediate Impact and Return

Your participant’s and your time is valuable, Nancy provides specific practical actions your audience can implement right away.

3. Motivate

Nancy is known for her motivation, inspiration and hope for the advancement in the field of dentistry/dental hygiene. She is grateful to be a trail blazer and uncover all of the awaiting opportunities in dental world.

4. Real World Knowledge & Skills

Nancy has spent her career in the trenches of dentistry and can share first hand how to evolve a practice to address implants, oral systemic correlation, aging population, technology and why to leave behind ‘check ups and cleanings’.

5. Clear & Compelling Presentations

Nancy engages the audience with her approach and real life experience to motivate and create immediate action.

All programs are customized to fit your practice, your team, your timeframe, and budget

Book hygiene excellence for your next event for:

  • inspire
  • expand and uncover least developed areas in dentistry
  • bring out the best in your team
  • increase productivity and deliver results
  • retain your talent
  • ignite leaders in all departments to make a difference in your practice and quality of care

Nancy Adair, President

+1 403 819 2727

Kelowna, BC

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