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A holistic approach to consulting for value-enhancing outcomes.

Periodontal Therapist Module™

  • Create the Foundation
  • Fundamental Clinical Skills
  • The Working Model of a Maintenance Patient
  • Treatment of a Moderate Periodontal Patient
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Dental Implants
  • Participating in a Periodontal Re-Evaluation Exam
  • Treatment of an Advanced Periodontal Patient
  • Business of Dentistry and Periodontal Surgical Intervention
  • Participating in an Advanced Periodontal Re-Evaluation Exam


Hygiene Excellence is the most relevant program available to dental team members! It is a unique program that merges all dental disciplines into an interdisciplinary model. The clinical sessions allow the program to be structurally implemented within a timed appointment, that is, the working model

~Mrs. Juanita Mathew RDH

As a business manager, I am always looking for ways to add value to our dental clinic. There is no doubt that Nancy’s hygiene program has helped us to achieve this! Our hygiene department has seen a significant increase in revenue by following the protocol set out by Nancy.

~Mr. Kamal Varma BA, MBA, Business Manager

Nancy has a comprehension of ‘perio’ that likely overshadows, but effectively compliments, the knowledge of most general practitioners in the periodontal sphere. She can make a tremendous contribution to any practice by creating a ‘periodontal department’.

~Dr. Neville Headley DMD

I must say, as a dentist, my own level of diagnosis and treatment planning has rise, as I work with such a highly trained and purposeful group of dental hygienists that update me more knowledgeably and objectively. I believe this is due to each hygienist’s postgraduate training from Hygiene Excellence.

~Dr. Todd Donnelly BSc, DMD


Nancy Adair, President

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Kelowna, BC

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