Periodontal Therapist Module™

Hygiene Excellence Inc. is a PACE approved continuing education company. Note, dental offices have been granted provincial government funding to absorb the cost of the program. For example in Alberta, visit

Transform your career, patients and practice in just 3 weekends. Each weekend is independent of each other.

TitleDate & TimeLocationClinical
Creating the Foundation PTM™ 101Thursday
Facility TBALecture
Fundamental Clinical Skills PTM™ 102Friday
Dental CentreClinical
Treatment of Maintenance Patients PTM™ 103Saturday
Dental CentreClinical
Treatment of a Moderate Periodontal Patient PTM™ 104Sunday
Dental CentreClinical
Finally… a Step-by-Step Implant Protocol PTM™ 105Thursday
Facility TBALecture
Dental Implants and Periodontal Re-evaluation Case PTM™ 106Friday
Dental CentreClinical
Treatment of an Advance Periodontal Patient PTM™ 107Saturday
Dental CentreClinical
Treatment of an Advance Periodontal Patient PTM™ 108Sunday
Dental CentreClinical
Get OFF the 3 Month Merry-Go-Round PTM™ 109Thursday
Facility TBALecture
Advanced Periodontal Re-evaluation Case PTM™ 110Friday
Dental CentreClinical
Hygiene Excellence Inc. reserves the rights to make changes and/or cancellations, to dates, times, and or location.


The Periodontal Therapist Module™ (PTM™) offered by Hygiene Excellence Inc.  provides PACE approved science-based continuing education in the form of theoretical lectures and hands-on skills.  The hands-on skills in the PTM™ are in a clinical participatory session with a ratio 2:1. The goal is to strive for a philosophy and skill set of a periodontal hygienist. During the three possible comprehensive weekends, each dental hygienist will enhance their personal skills and knowledge. Each weekend is independent from the rest and does not guarantee nor imply additional weekends. Customize your continuing education path!

Mission Statement

            We are committed to a science-based standard of excellence in skill development which benefits the patients, the dental team and the business of dentistry.

Program Objectives

  • Grow individually in knowledge and skill development in the field of Periodontics and/or Implantology through a unique sophisticated series of lectures and hands-on participatory sessions.
  • Create insight for change in the dental office’s fundamental systems and clinical processes to allow for the evolution of dentistry.
  • Integrate new skills with structured guidelines based on the AAP 2017 classification of periodontal diseases and implant diseases as well as from Calgary Implantitis Symposium.
  • Provide input into the business component of a practice with direct and indirect productivity.

Outline of Lecture / Clinical Sessions

PTM™ 101

Creating the Foundation
  • Dentistry in the 21st century
  • Paradigm shift
  • Oral systemic correlation
  • AAP/CAP standards and Calgary Implantitis Symposium
  • Effective science-based systems and processes
  • Non-verbal communication

PTM™ 102

Fundamental Clinical Skills
  • Reducing instrument confusion
  • Maintenance kits versus periodontal kits
  • Winning operator-patient positioning
  • De-mystifying sharpening
  • Fine tuning ultra sonics
  • Critical data in the first 10 minutes
  • Documentation – what works, what does not

PTM™ 103

Treatment of Maintenance Patients (Ratio 2:1)

  • Effective chart reviews
  • Observe the timing of dentistry
  • Follow set protocols, guidelines and processes
  • Hands-on clinical session – treating maintenance patients
  • Updating process
  • Dismissal process

PTM™ 104

Treatment of a Moderate Periodontal Patient (Ratio 2:1)

  • Aligning criteria and guidelines
  • 15 points to interpreting radiographs
  • Interdisciplinary dentistry
  • Periodontal records – AAP standards
  • HANDS-ON clinical session – to completion on moderate periodontal case
  • OHI, post op instructions
  • Pertinent handouts
  • Entries

PTM™ 105

Finally… a Step-by-Step Implant Protocol

  • Science and disease process for dental implants
  • Protocols for mucositis versus implantitis
  • Implant evaluation process including the IMI
  • Case studies in treating implants
  • Documentation
  • Entries
  • Continuum of periodontal health and how it applies to dental implants

PTM™ 106

Treatment of a Dental Implant Case and a Moderate Periodontal Re-evaluation Case (Ratio 2:1)

  • Execute process for treating dental implants
  • Radiograph interpretation for implants
  • HANDS-ON clinical – dental implant case
  • Patient handouts
  • Process for periodontal re-evaluation
  • Hands-on clinical session – execute a re-evaluation on treated periodontal case and full mouth debridement
  • ADPIE and continuum of care process

PTM™ 107 & 108

Treatment of an Advance Periodontal Patient (Ratio 2:1)

  • Aligning data
  • Interpretation of radiographs
  • Antimicrobial regimen
  • HANDS-ON sessions – to completion on advanced periodontal case
  • Utilizing accessory instruments
  • End points
  • OHI, post-op instructions
  • More than just clinical
  • Periodontal complications

PTM™ 109

Get OFF the 3-Month Merry-Go-Round!

  • Appreciate the intricacies in diagnosing, treatment planning and executing appropriate periodontal treatment to include periodontal surgeries.
  • Adopt the new guidelines and recommendations to understand conservative limitations
  • Identify the criteria for surgical treatment of commonly encountered periodontal conditions
  • Review surgical options for periodontal patients when conservative treatment is not enough.
  • Realize the enormous benefits of interdisciplinary treatment with periodontology as the core.

PTM™ 110

Advanced Periodontal Re-evaluation Case and Summary (Ratio 2:1)

  • Outcomes of periodontal re-evaluations
  • HANDS-ON session – evaluation on treated periodontal case and full-mouth debridement
  • Complexities in advanced cases
  • Timelines
  • Summary

Length of Program
The PTM™ is comprised of three different unique weekends. Customize your dental education journey and benefit from the flexibility of one weekend or all three weekends. One weekend does not imply nor guarantee successive weekends, each weekend has its own contract, date and times. Ultimately PTM™ allows personal and professional growth at your rate and allows for implementation of new knowledge, skills, systems, and processes.

Instructor-Student Ratio
1 instructor : 2 participants (RDH or DDS)

*Unique small ratio exclusive to Hygiene Excellence Inc.


Cost:   Session I (PTM™ 101 – PTM™ 104) $3600/participant

            Session II (PTM™ 105 – PTM™ 108) $3000/participant

            Session III (PTM™ 109 –PTM™ 110) $1200/participant

*no GST is required

If the PTM™ is outside of Kelowna, travel costs are in addition to above fees.

**The clinic will decide if patients are charged; if patients are charged, all income goes to the host facility with all financial payments, submission to insurance and receipts responsible by the host facility.

man in white dress shirt wearing white framed eyeglasses
  • Hygiene Excellence Inc. is a PACE approved continuing education company. Note, dental offices have been granted provincial government funding to absorb the cost of the program. For example, in Alberta, visit
  • ALL written material is provided, including a comprehensive PTM™ binder with guidelines, criteria, working model processes, patient handouts and research articles.
  • All comprehensive periodontal hand instrument kits are provided for use throughout the program with accessory instruments, stones, and variety of ultra sonic inserts.

PTM™ is eligible for CE credits with dental hygiene associations in Alberta and British Columbia.

Clinical Sessions

Participants of the PTM™ are fully responsible for providing their own patients for the clinical days. No guarantee by Hygiene Excellence Inc. exists for patient’s participation. A short notice list of patients is highly encouraged. Each session will be clearly outlined, with each participant, to ensure they understand the process for recruiting patients and patient criteria.

All of the patients selected for the clinical sessions will be reviewed, prior to the sessions, by the participants and/or dentists as well as with Hygiene Excellence Inc. and deemed appropriate in nature with no contraindications for periodontal treatment. The patient consent form will be provided and must be signed and forwarded to Hygiene Excellence Inc.